Our Approach

When patients first come to our clinic usually the main thing on their mind is immediate pain relief, so that is where we start.

Firstly, we assess the client by performing a physical exam and discussing with the client the issues they are presenting with and any concerns they may have.

If X-rays are required they can be taken in house to save you time. The chiropractor's findings will be presented to you and the chiropractor will discuss with you possible treatment approaches.

In most cases treatment begins on initial consult to get you back on the road to recovery as soon as possible.


Neck pain is a common complaint, most incidences of neck pain are due to muscle or soft tissue strain. However, there are a variety of other factors that can cause neck pain including whiplash, spinal injury, poor posture, structural problems of the spine, and disease.

The neck is very mobile and is required to move constantly in order to carry out every day activities. Even simple tasks such as driving or sitting at a computer screen can put strain on your neck due to the constant movement of the neck up and down as well as side to side neck required during daily tasks. It is this constant movement of the neck that makes it prone to strain and injury.


Lower back pain is a very common condition which most people will experience during their life. Back pain can be triggered by everyday activities and can also develop gradually overtime as a result of sitting or standing with bad posture or lifting heavy things in a way that puts pressure on your back.

The symptoms of lower back pain include pain in the lower back which moves down the buttocks, muscle weakness and tightness, joint pain, swollen joints, and muscle stiffness. Lower back pain is caused from injury or irritation in a variety of structures; the large nerve roots in the lower back that go down to the legs, the smaller nerves that supply the lower back, the muscles in the lower back (erector spinae), the bones, ligaments, joints, as well as the vertebral discs.


Upper back pain is a far less common condition than lower back pain due to the stability and limited movement in the upper back. However, when upper back pain occurs it can cause severe pain and discomfort. Most upper back pain is due to either muscular irritation or joint dysfunction.


Cervicogenic headache generally result from spinal problems, the pain in the head is referred pain which originates from a source in the neck. The symptoms of Cervicogenic headaches can include pain at the back of head, top of the skull, forehead and temple, as well as behind the eye.

There is often associated neck pain that occurs with cervicogenic headaches however this is not always the case.